The Year That Was…

Going by my blog in 2018, it would seem like not much has happened. This post is a way of summing up my year, and hoping I do better at writing here in 2019.

2018 was when…

I began to believe in the powers of a Vietnamese pagoda. For not one, but two reasons. My rational mind fights this illogical connect, but my heart would like to believe that my random attempt at sending good vibes helped in some way.

I started a new job and the ensuing madness resulted in fewer trips than usual. I even spent a holiday planning a vacation I never took. I finally took a two week long trip to Japan (and got some guilt for it), and it was completely worth the wait. My lesson for 2019 is to plan ahead.

Two of my sisters moved, and we didn’t all go on a trip together. Thankfully, one was able to combine a work trip with a vacation, and I met the other last weekend. So I had two mini-breaks with each of the 4, instead of one with everyone. I’ll take what I get (and maybe plan something better for next year).

I didn’t meet my favourite people who live in the PNW for the first time since 2015. I will (hopefully) remedy that by finally managing that elusive work trip in 2019. I’ve been told I promise this a lot, and never deliver, but that’s a tale for another day.

I wasn’t expecting to make any invites, and ended up making four! I managed to do a decent amount of doodling, inspite of all that’s been going on.

I finally found an anti-gravity class nearby so I finally had a sane workout schedule. It’s helped me learn some asanas I wouldn’t even imagine I could do. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll surprise myself a little more on this front in 2019.

Some ex-colleagues and friends stuck their necks out for me, and helped me with taking baby steps toward achieving a childhood dream (and my most fervent wish of 2017, doodled onto a shell as part of S & V’s NYE task). Thanks to them, I have something to look forward to in 2019 (and 2020!). I also highly recommend this drawing out your vision for the year business, after years of pooh-poohing at  my mother’s suggestion that visualization results in positive vibes.

Clearly, 2018 is when I became a believer.

As for you 2019, it’s already shaping up to be a year of many leaps. I’m hoping some (if not all) of our bets pay off. It’s a wide, world out there and I’m going exploring – with the one soul I’m thankful for, this year and every year.





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