Book Review: Billionaire’s Apprentice

“Buy Goldman Sachs. Buy Goldman Sachs.” A well researched look into the world of insider trading, interspersed with the rise of the South Asian American community. This is a tale of ambition and greed, where men who are multi-millionaires aspire to be billionaires.

While the author has spent a lot of time and effort into her research, I could not help but feel that she is quite sympathetic toward the cause of Rajat Gupta, who comes across as someone who did not quite know what he was getting into. I guess in a real life story with no real hero, there was a need for a perfect anti-hero and that’s what he is, in this version. It appears that there isn’t enough solid evidence to incriminate him completely, so it would be worth going deeper into the details of the case for those who are so inclined. Overall, I quite enjoyed this book, and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more about the world of white collar crime


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