Frozen Sleepover Ideas

Are there any Frozen-crazy kids in your life? If you can put up with the endless looping of ‘Let it Go’, you can try out these fun Frozen-inspired sleepover ideas. I picked these because they were fun and easy, and my 5 year old niece, A (who I was babysitting) loved all of them.


Nailpolish – A wanted to try ‘patterns’ so I gave her half-n-half combos. Any other kind of design would’ve been impossible on her tiny nails.

DIY Elsa Crown – I found some glittery construction paper, and drew the outline of the Elsa crown. A cut out the shape, and I showed her how to thread ribbons through the ends. I also had stick-on jewels that she used to decorate the crown. It took us about 30 minutes to make the crown. She loved it, and I was glad that there was very little cleanup involved!

Sparkly headband – She used the leftover stick on jewels to decorate a headband. Technically, this isn’t a ‘Frozen’ activity but she likes to pretend that sparkly headbands are tiaras, so it qualifies. Unlike the crown, this headband can be worn to school, so she’s all excited about that too.

Note: all activities were accompanied by the endless looping of ‘Let it Go’ (we are huge fans of the singalong version).


Popcorn Snowballs: I found this recipe on Pinterest, and it was a huge hit. I couldn’t find snowflake sprinkles, so I just used the regular blue glitter kinds. A loved it because the sprinkles stained her mouth blue and she could stick her blue tongue out.


What’s a bed time routine that doesn’t involve a book? A reads every night, and I wanted to get her a book just to make our sleepover special. I veered away from the Frozen theme to get her a sleepover themed book instead. So I went with her ‘second favorite’ princess, Sofia the first. She’d already seen the episode with ‘Sofia – The Royal Slumber Party‘, but was still thrilled to be able to read the book.

Since I went over to A’s place to babysit her, I packed the sleepover things in a bag that I decorated with DIY snowflakes. They’re giant sized because I didn’t realize how big they’d be when I started cutting them out. This was a great way to pass time as I watched ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. A’s mom plans to reuse the snowflakes on a gift bag for A’s friend who is having a Frozen themed birthday party later this month.

Here are some pictures from the sleepover, to inspire you to try out your own version of this!

Frozen Sleepover Ideas


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