Weekend Getaways from Delhi

Now that everyone’s done with the long weekend, here’s a way to plan for the next long weekend. It’s been a while since I’ve been to any of these places, given that I haven’t been in Delhi since 2012,but, I would still recommend each of these places (I am willing to bet they’re as awesome now, as they were a few years ago). So if you’re lost for ideas for your next long weekend, try some of thes –

1. Two Chimneys, Gethia – This has to be one of my favorite places from the region. It’s a longish drive from Gurgaon, about 10 hours but it’s totally worth it. The drive may be quicker now than it was a few years ago, because at the time there was a TON of roadwork going on. I highly recommend the Oak Room, which is where me and my friends stayed. Two Chimneys has an amazing library, and tons of games and is a perfect place to just chill out and do nothing (my favorite kind of long weekend). You will especially enjoy lounging around doing nothing if you choose to drive down – it helps you recover from the lack of roads. I also highly recommend the grape jelly they serve for breakfast (and pretty much everything else they cook, really). At night, remember to go up on the roof to get a beautiful view of the valley. With the stars above, and flickering lights below, it’s a beauty!

2. Writer’s Hill, Nahan – A friend suggested this place for one of our trips, and I was sold the minute I saw their room’s were named after books (shows amazingly good taste!). I was totally bowled over when I got there, and walked into ‘No Orchids for Miss Blandish’ – a beautiful yellow room with a bookshelf, and a reproduction of Ravi Varma’s ‘Lady in the Moonlight’, one of my favorite paintings. There’s not much to do in Nahan, but Writer’s Hill offers a bunch of board games (we played Monopoly all day long). There’s also the river Renuka nearby, and one can attempt a fishing expedition. Yet another one of those chill and do nothing places.

3. Suryavilas, Simla – This is a little different from my usual homestay type place recommendation. I got to go there because a friend of a friend was giving away a free trip. It’s just a little away from Simla, and is a beautiful property. Very luxurious, with great views.

4. Glasshouse on the Ganges – This was on my list of places to visit, and though I haven’t been there myself, I have heard enough about it from friends to know that it’s fantastic. They have rooms that open out right onto the river. I also hear that the food there is amazing! And of course, when in Rishikesh, there’s no way you can miss out on the rafting.

5. Raju’s Guesthouse, Tirthan Valley – Yet another one of those places on my list that I didn’t get to, despite my best efforts. I highly suggest Googling the place and looking for the reviews. It involves a sort of boat-cum-rope expedition to get to, that sounds highly interesting. And if you do get there, please please leave me a comment to tell me more. Hopefully, I will get there someday!

6. Chokhi Dani, Jaipur – I LOVE driving the Gurgaon – Jaipur route. It is one of the best highway routes I’ve driven on in India. Chokhi Dani is an awesome place to get an ‘authentic’ experience of sorts. They have hut-style rooms and they have a mela that happens every day (with camels, ferris wheels et all). During peak season it’s pretty expensive, but if you think you can deal with some heat, go in August, when it’s pretty affordable. While in Chokhi Dani, you should spend most of your time on the premises just soaking in the experience there. If you would prefer to stay closer to the city, and also during the peak period, I suggest Hotel Amer View which has a great view of Amber fort.

So that’s my list of quick getaway places for the next long weekend, for all those of you in the NCR. Feel free to let me know of more such hidden gems, if you’ve got any recommendations!


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