Hello, Mr. Pot

I’ve been known to do crazy things, thanks to my reading obsession. This ranges from reading in moving vehicles, to I know upside down in bed, to reading in dim lighting and even reading while walking. Reading while walking on the streets is not smart, and I only read while I’m waiting for the walk signal on a pavement. I do however cross with my book open (minimizing the time taken to re-open the book when needed), a fact that seems to really bother casual observers. 

This morning, I was waiting at a signal and reading* on the pavement as usual, when this guy decided to take it upon himself to give me some advice. “You know, it’s really not the best idea to be reading while you’re walking on the road”, he said. Now before I could say anything, the dude pulls out his phone and proceeds to walk away. He must have been in a tearing hurry – he jaywalked through TWO red signals on his way.

And he thinks my reading is dangerous. 


* for those interested, I’m currently reading JK Rowling’s ‘The Casual Vacancy’


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