Of Movies, and pulling a V

Since we are done with school, and generally spending entire days doing nothing, S and I decided to go watch a movie today. He was interested in seeing the latest Captain America or Godzilla because, “they will have things blowing up.” I chose to make use of the fact that he was stuck with only me for company, and insisted I’d only go if we saw Rio 2. So of course we found ourselves outside the theatre at 6.35 PM for a 6.50 PM show. S already had the tickets so I went to get myself some popcorn. We walked into the hall and it was pretty empty. I spent 5 minutes strategizing what the best seats would be and found myself the PERFECT spot. Then, the promos began. For some reason they went on, and on, and on. I was pretty scandalized when at one point they began a trailer that had Scarlett Johansson walking around in a bra. Before I could look around to see what was happening with the kids, the movie finally began.

The credits start with shots of old newspaper clippings and very serious looking font. At this point, S goes, “D, are you sure we are in the right place?” “Of COURSE we are – see the cutting says endangered species. That’s because those two birds in Rio are endangered”, I told him with full confidence. I keep staring at the screen waiting for the Caribbean music, the blue birds and then I spot it in the corner – “Adapted from the novel Godzilla.” Oh, crap. 

There you have it. The one time I let myself get distracted by popcorn, it turns out we walked into the wrong hall and spent 20+ minutes watching a bunch of trailers. We ran out and found the right hall, with my freaking out that all the time I spent finding my seat was now wasted. Except – it was nearly empty except for 1 woman and a 5 year old girl. So, there I was, 20 minutes late and eavesdropping on a 5 year old to get caught up on what we’d missed. 

And yes – I got good seats. So it was all OK. 


Note – The ‘pulling a V’ bit is a reference to the time that The Boy walked into ‘Knight and Day’, thinking he was watching the ‘The Last Airbender.’ He spent the entire movie thinking that every thing was a dream, because it didn’t quite fit in with what he knew about the movie.


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