Remember the Genies

For many reasons, I didn’t like the MBA when I did it. I was vehemently opposed to many of the things that come naturally to management grads, and I just didn’t believe it was right for me. Right through my second year, I kept saying that I’d do something else eventually, something that made more sense for me. And now, I’m almost done with that something else. It was definitely a better fit, and the overall philosophy is geared toward what I believe in. Yet, I have to say that a LOT of what I’ve achieved here is due to the MBA, because nothing else could have taught me more about myself.

You would think that given my general ambivalence toward the MBA, and love for UX that my current final project would be something I’d talk about the most. But you know what? As a project, it may be my favorite and it gave me the opportunity to work with friends, but, the MBA Capstone was one of the last times I got to work with the one person I work best with. It will always be the best thing I worked on, because it was yet another way to do those crazy things that only she and I can do together. It was the one time when I could keep working without even bothering to think of whether the other person would need me to remind them of something, or whether we would disagree over something. It was the one time when my control freak nature did not kick in because I knew that together we would be more in control than either of us would be individually. We’ve joked about starting things together in the past, but the more I work on other projects, with other people, the more I believe that some day we have to do something together.

Because the genies of B12 have to spread their magic on a wider scale than they have till date.


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