5 Minutes of Fame

On the Internet, everyone gets a chance to be famous, even if it lasts for all of 5 minutes. Last year, me and a couple of friends from school worked on this visualization for a class project. Two weeks later, we were featured on LifeHacker, and we thought that was our 5 minutes of fame.

Now, almost a year later, the FlowingData blog (which I love), picked it up and featured it yet again. It has set off a domino-like reaction with multiple sites and people talking about it, and also referring to our creation as the ‘Pandora of Beers’.

What I find most interesting however is how there are multiple versions of our story, the most common of which is that we are Stanford students – even though we are Berkeley students who used a Stanford dataset (a fact clearly mentioned on the website). Watching this story get re-tweeted, and republished is an interesting study of viral effects, and how some inaccuracies get pushed far and wide across the web.

Ah, well – at the very least I can say that we did get more than our share of the 5 minutes of fame.


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