Of thieves and kind gestures

Today, I saw a thief, and she walked away with MY package right in front of me. I had a really strong gut feeling that she was taking something that didn’t belong to her, and I suspected it was my package when I saw her, but I didn’t know how one could tell a stranger – “hey, is that package yours? I think you’re stealing my package”. Or something to that effect. So I shut up and let her walk by. And then I went home and discovered that she’d walked out with my stuff, right in front of me.

You know the weirdest part? She held the door open for me very politely, while I walked in with my heavy grocery bags. And in that instant, I kept trying to read the label on the box because every bone in my body was telling me it was mine. But then I felt like an ass for assuming that someone trying to help me, was actually a thief.

Totally weird.


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