That Time of the Year

Being on vacation means I am busy being such a slob that I do nothing, except maybe read. But then A wrote a blogpost summing up what 2013 meant for her, and I realized it’s time for my annual post on what the year has been like.

2013 has been quite a year –

I rang in the New Year with family, the ones who’ve made me feel at home even though I haven’t been at home. The year is ending with the knowledge that I may move even closer to some of these people. And the others are in Germany, so I have a new place to visit.

This year I tried out consulting, something I always said I’d never do. Turns out I was right the first time around, it’s totally not for me. It also meant that for the first time ever I chose to refuse something that was right there, because I knew I wanted something else, and even though I wasn’t sure if I’d get it, I decided to take the chance and just wait patiently.

This year I did a lot of traveling within the US, as well as outside. I went to Turkey and discovered in true Mark Twain style that really is no other way to know just how much you love or hate someone until you travel with them.

This year my oldest friend moved to Fremont, which means she’s a one hour train ride away from me. It’s been great having her so close by after a long-distance friendship that’s spanned over 20 years. This year another old friend surprised me on Christmas and I spent an extremely crazy giggly night with my partners in crime from school, where all of us behaved like we were 16 again. I’m glad that I’m still friends with all these people, and we can regress to our childhood selves husbands and children notwithstanding.

This year I spent a lot of time arguing with my father, and feeling like I was 18 again. As always the arguments were circuitous, and neither of us has managed to summon up the courage to admit that the reason we fight like this is because we care about each other’s opinion so much. It looks like the arguments are over, and we are moving forward.

This year I was forced to rely on every possible online mode of communication to stay in touch with A. I was a shadow at the 5 year SP reunion because she represented us both and then gave me a blow-by-blow on Skype. I start my day by chatting with her, and end it by chatting with her and the time she spent in Europe was awful because she wasn’t online. We also realized that being apart by 1000s of miles make no difference because somehow we managed to walk into two entirely different stores and buy nearly identical white jackets. The highlight of the year has been spending a few days with her and feeling like we were in B12 again (including the pinging someone who is sitting right across from you phase).

And finally, this is the year I realized just what an amazing person V is – I already knew about the patience, the ability to dissect problems so they don’t seem so insurmountable, the joy of randomizing but all of it just got reiterated. Here’s hoping 2014 is the last year I spend that doesn’t involve V being around for most of it.


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