Of Baking

My mom spoilt me. She taught me how to bake, but she never once told me just how much her amazing baking equipment helped the process. From measuring, to sieving, to blending she had all the good stuff. Every time I baked, I thought I was great at it because I only produced the most delicious cakes and cookies. However, it turns out I was wrong. In the time that I’ve lived in Gurgaon and Berkeley, I’ve tried baking without tools. In Gurgaon, I didn’t have an oven so I was the self-proclaimed Queen of no-bake cheesecakes, moist pudding, fudge and other such. Here, I haven’t had a mixie. Today I tried hand mixing the batter for tiramisu brownies. Between the two layers (brownie and cream cheese), it took a lot out of me. I miss my mom’s baking equipment. And, if I must be completely honest here, I really, really miss my mom. Good thing I’m going home in a month, huh?!


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