Of Mermaids and Bruised Feet…

Do you remember the time in the Little Mermaid when she gets a pair of legs from the witch, only, every step she takes makes her feel like she’s walking on knives? If you’re one of those who is stuck on the Disney version and have no idea what I’m talking about, I suggest you read the original. Anyway, why am I talking of walking on knives? This morning, I decided it was time to break in a new pair of shoes. Ballet flats, the kind of shoes that I hate with a passion (I don’t wear heels so closed footwear is bad enough). As always, the shoes are now cutting into my feet, and I have multiple blisters. The hills of Berkeley don’t help either, and I can now understand the agonies that the Little Mermaid went through.

I think Hans Christian Anderson got the idea of walking on knives from his significant other, while she was breaking in a new pair of shoes. Ugh. I cannot wait to get home and be bare foot again! I wish that some footwear manufacturer would make shoes that are WIDE enough for women with flat feet to not have to buy a size bigger just to accommodate the width of their feet (and therefore end up tripping on footwear that keeps slipping off). Does anyone know of a shoe brand that makes WIDE footwear? My feet will thank you for eternity!


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