Someone I recently met addressed me as “D__s” yesterday, and followed it up with – “Isn’t that what you said your friends call you?” You’d think that for someone with a bi-syllable name, there are only so many nicknames I have, but there are a ton. And each of them is unique to the people who came up with it. This is one of those times that I’m going to get sappy, and talk about all my friends (because I’ve been missing all of them), and nicknames is a good way.

DD – I’m not going to tell you what it stands for, because it’s a dumb combination of baby words, which is fitting because SS came up with it when we were 6. The interesting thing is that this nickname has managed to last over 20 years, just like out friendship has! Kidd also picked it up, and persists on calling me this.

Di – this one came from N and G, who were very proud of their ‘pun’ning abilities. Di sounds like the start of my name, but is also Tamil slang for a girl, so it works very well.

Kuppy – short for Kuppamma, it’s the alias N came up with when my grandmom insisted we shouldn’t use our real names outside the house. She was convinced that the endless hours we spent on the thinnai meant someone would be listening for our real names. N took the good alias though, so she got to be Raakamma. I don’t think my grandmom was too happy with how we purposely yelled ‘kuppy’ and ‘raaky’ out on the road though.

D__s – The easy, convenient nickname, used by the SP girls who I’ve gossipped with endlessly. We have a never-ending Whatsapp chat group that spans 4 timezones, and reminds me of the days we spent gossipping until dawn, and beyond.

Dubbuks / Dubukku – AM (let me use this to distinguish him from the other A, the better half) decided that I should be called this because, I am, in effect a dubukku*. I wish this name would go away, but there are some people who persist in calling me this. I believe I should count my blessings because his other nickname of ‘Cuddalore Beauty’ (do NOT ask) didn’t stand the test of time.

MOTS – At SP, JT and some others came across this weird Excel sheet that generated nicknames. All you had to do was enter someone’s full name, and it spat out a nickname. For some reason, my full name resulted in ‘Mouth of the South’. I’m talkative enough to warrant that name, and to add insult to injury my mobile service was BPL MOTS. So MOTS I became for the longest time.

Trivia – This was something GDP thought of in one of his moments of brilliance. “Arey, you have 3 names, and you are filled with useless trivia, so 3-vya, you should be called trivia”.

D – simple and straightforward, with no puns intended. This is what the Boy calls me (he also once tried bhujiya, when he was trying to massacre the lyrics of a song, but didn’t dare take it forward)

So there you have it. All my numerous nicknames, and embarassments. The ONLY reason I’m publishing this post is because I miss every one of the people mentioned in it.


 * I can’t translate the nuances of this word, so I’m not going to


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