LinkedIn, What’s Up?

All weekend I’ve been seeing posts about Conan getting on LinkedIn and how he’s about to be an influencer. Looks like in the process, us non-influencing normal humans are suddenly facing trouble with the service. Or maybe its just me, I don’t know. For some odd reasons LinkedIn refused to let me sign in, for upto 20 minutes all the while claiming that it had some sort of ‘unspecified error’ (UX alert – work on your error message copy!).

Then once I finally get into the thing, it looks like my display pic has disappeared! Now I’ve read all the research on how the image automatically increases profile views by over 50% etc. etc. so I promptly tried to upload a new one. Lo and behold, my old friend the unspecified error is back. Even weirder, my profile pic is displayed in some parts of the site, but when I visit my profile page it says I need to upload one. Unspecified error, you are a toughie, aren’t you? Over all, this is quite some mess of a situation. I wonder what’s happening over at LinkedIn? Does anybody know?


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