Arduino Tales #2

Arduino Color Mixer / Diffuser

This week, we present to you a color mixer cum diffuser. It has given me a crick in the neck, and a semi-permanent squint from trying to set up a neat circuit in a way that the 3 LEDs were next to each other (I still ended up making quite a crappy looking one).

I spent some time trying to revisit the days of stained glass painting by patchpainting a shot-glass and lining it with foil. Unfortunately it did not help in mixing the colors and just looked, ugly. I think it’s been so many years I’ve forgotten the exact technique used in stained glass. I finally took the easy way out and used a lampshade for my diffuser. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing though, because I’m able to get a really nice looking mix effect out of it (and as S was telling me at school earlier today, my standards for mixed colors are way higher).

Tomorrow we are going to be soldering wires onto potentiometers. The class is going to get more and more challenging, but I’m having fun with the end results. If nothing else, I’d have made some cool stuff by the end of the semester.


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