He Says, She Says – 2

People who know us, will know that the Boy has the ability to say the darndest things. It probably explains how he manages to keep someone as distracted as me entertained.

This morning, I was chatting with the Boy (what else is new?), for want of anything better to do. I was telling him how my students weren’t showing up for their feedback sessions which made my grading super simple because all I had to do was put 0’s. Out of the blue, he comes up with this gem – “Today, I was reborn again by your split second vision”.

I had no clue what that meant (as happens with most things that he comes up with) so I asked him what on Earth he was talking about. Promptly comes this reply – “Indru Naan Meendum Meendum Pirandean Oru Thulli Paarvaiyilae”

It is telling, that for all this while I thought the lyrics were “Indru Naal…”. So the Boy (who is as Northie as one can get) knows the lyrics to a Tamil song better than I do! True, facepalm moment.


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