North, South and linguistics #1

“Appa, I have to tell you something…”

Raised eyebrows.

“Actually, I have to tell you both something..”

The mother looks like she’d rather be anywhere, but in that room watching her daughter gulp and try to get the words out, as her husband looks on with a blank expression.

“So, there is this boy..” the girl stutters, “you know H, we worked together, and we are good friends. I think I want you to meet him”

“What is his last name?” says Mr. Iyer. “Well, it’s Singh, but don’t worry he isn’t Punjabi..”, she said with more confidence than she felt. “He’s from Rajasthan”, she added boldly.

“Like that is any better”, Mr Iyer swiftly silences his daughter. 

There is a pregnant pause in the room, when suddenly the eavesdropping kid brother pops his head into the room and says, “Aiyyo, North Indian-aa! Yenakku suthi potta kooda Hindi-ey varathey!” (OMG! A North Indian? I couldn’t speak Hindi if my life depended on it)



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