Of Electronics and Art

Well, it’s time. I have been in two minds about whether or not I should take a class in Tangible User Interfaces and I have realized this may be my only chance to do weird things like connecting electrical circuits, soldering and what not so I probably should. Besides, I am here to do new things and learn as much as I can so it seems fitting (plus I like the idea of owning an Arduino Uno kit). My only concern of course is that I’m going to end the semester with atleast one instance of electrocuting myself and making my already frizzy-curly hair even frizzier (a la the Center Shock ad from the 90s). Reports about someone managing to short circuit their laptop and ending up with a smoking Mac last semester don’t really seem to help matters in this regard. However, I came up with an idea for the final project and since I do really, really want to make it I guess I’ll have to take my chances (and risk undoing months worth of Deva Curl magic).

More on my experiments with TUI as the semester drags along!


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