Of Hiking and City-girls

I’m a complete city girl at heart – I grew up in the Middle East, where one rode cycles inside ones’ home or when they went on trips to the Corniche. My childhood was spent playing football in the lift lobby area of the second floor (which meant one was forever chasing the ball down the stairs), or dark room inside someone’s house. I don’t get the outdoors, I don’t really like sports, you get the picture, right? So what was I doing going on an 8 mile hike with a 1000 feet elevation on a holiday?

To answer that, one would have to understand just how far I will go to avoid being home on a holiday. It turns out I will ignore the word ‘hiking’ in a message from a friend who talks about a trip. I will assume that the hiking is flat, without clarifying this from said friend. I will avoid Googling just in case it puts me off the idea of the trip and I am *shudder* left at home. And thus, I end up huffing and puffing and nearly tumbling down a random path to go see a lake. Not to mention that this hike was near Yosemite, and therefore one could feel the itch in ones’ throat from the smoke emanating from the forest fire not too far away. I cursed my friend all through the climb (he was accused of false advertising by others like myself – all of whom did not realize the climb this lake viewing entailed). And then we finally got to the lake. This is the point where one would expect me to have that moment of realization, the moment where I go oh-my-God, this is so breathtaking, so beautiful, I’m glad I tortured myself. Nirvana. Except, I got there and I was completely underwhelmed. Sure, it was beautiful but, I still don’t know if it was worth the climb. I think I’m happier with the bragging rights that I’ve earned off that hike, than I was with seeing that lake.


Not sure if this is worth 8 miles of torture!

As for my friend, I forgave him for this entire climb the next day. When we went to Tahoe, I sat on the banks of another lake and I got to see the most gorgeous sunset ever. Now that, was breathtaking, and worth a hike. The best part? It only required a short 3 minute walk from a car to the sand. My city-girl self appreciated the instant gratification.


Worth it!

And because pictures are worth a thousand words, here are some more pictures from the trip. Remember you heard it here first – skip the hike to see Cathedral Lake. Do the early morning canoe tour at Mono Lake,  go kayaking (or boating) at June Lake, and then enjoy a sunset at Tahoe. If you are a city-girl, that is. If you’re like my friend, let me know – maybe I can hook you up to go hiking with him the next time.



3 thoughts on “Of Hiking and City-girls

  1. I am a complete city girl! I went on a 16 km hike in Cesky Krumlov and all I found was a tower. It really made me wonder if it was just me or was that tower nothing to write home about! Love the Tahoe pictures…now that is worth it 🙂 Makes me want to move

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