Of Pottery and Procrastination..

Ever since I decided to come to Berkeley, I’ve been eyeing paid ceramic classes at the Berkeley Art Studio. I have probably single handedly almost doubled their page views, and yet every time I go to the website I don’t actually register for one of their classes. Every semester they run 2 sessions of 7 weeks each, which means so far I’ve procrastinated on this decision 4 times. And pottery is something I’ve been wanting to experiment with for a long time. I can’t even claim that I don’t have enough time, what with 3-day weekends and endless periods of Netflix-viewing. So this time, I really will sign up. It’s a toss up between Wednesday morning and Thursday evening, given my schedule for the semester. I need to sign up this weekend if I plan to do this. Procrastinating on one of my life interests is the beginning of a walk down the path of ennui and I’d rather not embark on that journey. Now for some more Netflix. 


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