Of Houses and the long wait for a home….

Hunting for a house is one of those chores that I truly detest. I don’t know what it is about the process that irks me exactly but I just find the entire exercise pointless. I think it could be because every time I move I know it’s a temporary situation, that this is yet another house and not really a ‘home’. But unfortunately it’s one of those things I keep having to deal with, and yet again I’m faced with trying to figure out a living situation and balancing the needs and wants of a crazy number of other people.

I also realize that sometimes I am too accommodating for my own good – I am honest with people about the fact that I just don’t care about certain things, but they seem to read between the lines and take it to mean that they will get the best deal out of a “compromise”. Today I was told by someone that they were making an amazing compromise just to manage a situation – it took all of my recently learned self-control to avoid pointing out that a win-win is the best outcome of a compromise not a win-lose.

I realize that I am stressing about this, but I guess I will have to deal with it and assume that as always things will work themselves out. The brightest spot in this remains the fact that the next time I move house it is almost certain to be into a ‘home’.


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