Things MBAs Say…

(This is a rant, directed at all those souls who give b-schools a bad name by virtue of their extremist behavior)

It’s been a while since I passed out of b-school, and so I ended up forgetting some of gems of creativity that come up from a space of that nature. I also forgot the inverse relationship that exists between the brand name of the school in question and the level of arrogance displayed by people there. It’s therefore quite funny to think back to some of the gems I heard over the past day and a half –

“Do you know how to draw a Gantt chart?” – because of course, its unthinkable that someone who did not attend your specific b-school would have no idea what a Gantt chart is. It’s like the Coke formula, and is taught only to people there. Not to mention that the only person in the goroup who is not from a b-school would have no idea about this (it’s a different subject that you may never in your narrow minded life consider that there IS life after b-school, and someone may even choose to get another masters post that.)

“Do you know what a storyboard is?” – yet another gem from the aforementioned gentleman. Yet another piece of the secret sauce that is taught at no-name b-school alone.

“He is not of the calibre of an Ivy League professor. He is telling us about design thinking but not telling us the frameworks we can use to be innovative!” – because only someone who is so attuned to assuming that everything in life follows a framework would expect creativity and innovation to follow one too!

“I have read ’10 Faces of Innovation’ and so I think..” – from a person who has skimmed through the first five chapters, because they needed to write an assignment. Opted to skip the rest, because the book made no sense (to their mind). And yet, chose to bring it up and reference it in a conversation to make themselves sound ‘creative’.

There were many more such gems. But at this point, I’m just giving up.


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