The Yearbook

So, I was super bored on Saturday, and decided to procrastinate all day. I was looking for a nice photo from A&A’s wedding, to use to wish them on FB and stumbled upon the soft copy of my yearbook.

Reading the yearbook was a lot of fun. Especially reading entries from people who were dating at the time, but aren’t together anymore. Or those from people who weren’t dating at the time, but who are now married.

Reading about myself reminded me of a me who was so sure of what she wanted, where she wanted to be. A younger me who assumed everything was linear.

When I went to SP, I was convinced I was done making close friends. After all, who meets the ‘I will call you at 3AM to cry my eyes out’ kind of friends at a b-school anyway. Apparently, you do meet them there. And you go through your quarter life crisis with them. You grow up with them in a way you hadn’t imagined would be possible. And before you even know it, you are watching Grey’s Anatomy and missing your version of the ‘Twisted Sister’ crises partner. Sometimes when I sit here, at Berkeley, and working furiously on an assignment, a part of me almost believes that I am back in B12. That if I look up, I will see A typing away furiously on her laptop while shaking her head to whatever is playing in her headphones. And before I can say a word, C will come charging into the room to give us some news, and mess around with the purple teddybear. But then the moment passes. And I chat with them on Gtalk instead.

My younger self did not know anything. Things aren’t linear, and no matter how sure you are of things, they may not be the best for you. You need to keep searching to find what matters the most to you. And this includes the 3AM friends.


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