Of Lightning and Earthing

Once upon a time, two clouds collided. Out of this collision was born a ray of light. The ray flashed in the sky, but anytime she tried to go too close to the earth she was told to stay away from him. Lightning and earth were not meant to meet. It would mean the end of the spark for the ray, and a sudden jolt of electricity that would kill the earth from within.
But the ray was curious about the earth. There was something about the calm, restfulness that seemed so appealing. Everything else in the stormy sky seemed so out of control and the earth was always cool, and inviting. So she decided to graze by the earth sometime. One night, during a heavy downpour she took a chance and brushed by the earth. The earth felt a jolt of electricity. The ray felt a moment of calm. Thus began the meeting of lightning and earthing.
They continued this game of hide and seek, growing bolder and bolder each time. Till one day the ray hit the earth with full force. It was a meeting like never before. It almost seemed like this was It. Nirvana. They were Meant to Be.
The impact jolted the ray and completely nullified the charge. She died. The impact burnt the earth from the core. A part of him died with her. They were destined to meet, to show each other the other side of life. Each of them had a part of the other that would last forever.
Some stories have happy endings. Some may not. Sometimes you don’t know when the story ends, and you hope that it continues forever. But the journeys in every love story are always the happiest part of the story.


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