The Unsaid

He asked her –
What should I do about this? Should I say yes, or no?

He was trying to ask her what she really felt. 

She replied –
It sounds brilliant. I think you should do this.

She felt fear. A sense of being marooned on a deserted island, but she kept a straight face and appeared calm. 

She asked –
Where is this? Here?

She hoped it didn’t mean any change. 

He said –
No. I have to go to Europe.

He was mentally begging her to ask him to stay. If only she gave him one little sign, he wouldn’t go. 

She said –
Wow. I think you should definitely do it.

Her heart was sinking. She wished she could ask him to stay, but she couldn’t. And she didn’t. 

He left.
He thought she didn’t think of him in that way.

She missed him every day, but didn’t say anything because she thought he didn’t think of her in that way.

Then war broke out.
He died.

His last thought was her, but she never knew.


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