The Other Universe

She was a lawyer, working for a prestigious law firm. She had an integrated degree from one of the country’s best law schools and had worked her way up over the course of 3 years at her firm.

He was an IAS officer, working for the Government. He was moved around the country, and had gone from being posted in small villages to being posted in a tier2 town.

They went about their lives, in different tracks. Until one day when someone levied a charge of corruption against the department. He hired her law firm, and she ended up representing him. What began as meetings to discuss the defence and mock court sessions soon led to something more. They ignored the feelings at first. After all, she was just his lawyer and he was just his client. They were both professional about not breaking the implicit code of conduct.

The case dragged on for a year, but eventually they won. They each went their separate ways, but couldn’t stop thinking about each other. They kept in touch on and off with each one trying to sniff out where the other person was in their personal life. This led to the beginning of many stilted conversations where much was said but the bulk was left unsaid. She traveled to his town a couple of times for other work commitments, and they always met but neither made the first move. Until one day he couldn’t take it any longer and he told her all that he’d left unsaid. How he felt about her, how he knew that nobody could love her the way he did. She didn’t respond right away, but her heart told her to go for it. And she did.

They ended up together in that universe, as well as all the other parallel universes where life took a different path and where their decisions about everything else changed. Every universe has a different story, but some people meet in every scenario and every version of the story.

The context changes. The story doesn’t.


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