I Don’t Understand Why…

…one must overtake in the wrong lane, and create a god awful traffic jam because one couldn’t wait for 2 minutes in normal paced traffic

…one must honk incessantly on the roads. It’s almost as if you think honking will ensure that other vehicles will magically disappear

…one must choose to overtake a car as soon as the driver indicates that he wishes to switch lanes

…women necessarily need to have poker straight hair. Which after multiple straightening treatments tends to have the consistency and color of dried hay. And also leads to parlour attendants constantly pushing rebonding treatments onto women who are HAPPY to have curly hair (it has personality, people!)

…women must be overly made up at all times. Including smoky eyes and bright red lipstick at 7AM when you show up at the Gym. Not to mention color coordinated nailpolish and shoelaces. And then one is so busy adjusting aforementioned straightened hair that the workout is mostly ignored.

…being on time is a vice, not a virtue. Which means that if anyone is punctual especially to a social gathering, they usually end up feeling like an idiot because the hosts are still bleary eyed and running chores

…there is no benefit from hard work. Everything runs on ‘jugaad’. Because if your connections can help you get something, why spend any effort at all on it.

…and many more such things, completely unique to where I live. But these specially confuse me. And this is after spending almost 4 years here.


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